Fancy Pink Diamond Ring
Fancy Pink Diamond Ring Fancy Pink Diamond Ring

Product Description

Fancy pink diamonds are considered one of the rarest and desirable stones in the world.
This enchanting gem is set amidst by taper-cut gorgeous white diamonds, that perfectly highlighting the luxurious color of the romantic pink stone.


Product Details

  • Gemstone: diamond 6.09 Ct.
  • Amount of Gemstones: 1 diamonds.
  • Gemstones Cut: (Cushion).
  • Certificate: GIA -  Color / Fancy Pink.
  • Clarity: VVS2.
  • Gemstone: Diamonds cut Taper Ct. 0.65 total, 2 stones.
  • Total Diamond Carat Weight: 6.74 ct.
  • Diameter: 10.8 x 9.5 mm.
  • Material: 18k.