Yellow Sapphire Pendant

Product Description

This pendant decorating our website, the pendant not for sale, and cannot be performed.
For each person, we can make a pendant that will become a talisman for his whole life.
If you would like to create your unique and stunning design, we would love to make your dreams come true.


Product Details

  • Weight sapphire: 3.2 Ct.
  • Cut: Cushion.
  • Color: Vivid yellow.
  • Comment: Natural, not heated.
  • Origin: Sri Lanka.
  • Certificate: GFCO.
  • Gemstone: Diamonds cut Baguette, round, pear Ct. 0.98total, 17 stones. 
  • Diamonds: Color: D F/ Clarity: VVS VS.
  • Material: Gold 18K.