Ruby Heart Of Burma Ring

Product Description

Rings with a heart cut gemstone are not for everyone but for the special one, they look so wonderful with the right gemstone and design. Rubies that have been mined in Burmese mines are considered one of the rarest and most unique stones in the world. We have created this masterpiece to show you the refined beauty of this gorgeous stone.


Product Details

  • Weight ruby: 1.54 Ct
  • Cut: Heart.
  • Color: Vivid red.
  • Comment: Natural, not heated.
  • Origin: Burma.
  • Certificate: GRS.
  • Gemstone: Diamonds 100 pieces.
  • Diamonds cut Round . Ct. 1.35 total.
  • Diamonds: Color D-F / Clarity: VS-VVS
  • Material: Gold 18K.