Sapphire Love Ring
Sapphire Love Ring Sapphire Love Ring

Product Description

This enchanting ring features of the heart cut diamonds, carefully handcraft for a captivating, nature-inspired look. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are truly a natural wonder. Their perfect aura and charming light play are what make that blue sapphire rings so incredibly gorgeous and special.

Product Details

  • Weight sapphire: 25.2 Ct.
  • Cut: Cushion.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Comment: Natural, not heated.
  • Origin: Sri Lanka.
  • Certificate: GRS.
  • Gemstone: Diamonds cut Hearts Ct. 1.85 total, 2 stones. 
  • Diamonds: Color G / Clarity: VS / GIA certificate.
  • Material: Gold 18K.