✦ Sapphire Stone

Sapphire gemstone refers to the mineral Corundum family, just like the ruby stone.

✦ History:

In ancient times, hard stones were discovered among the Tamils in the regions of Southeast Asia, with corundum being one of the varieties found.

Sapphire is considered a stone of wisdom and fidelity. Its light blue or blue hues symbolize the heavens and spiritual truth. In ancient times, sapphire was believed to be an amulet that brought good luck and protected against evil spirits. Additionally, sapphires are a symbol of the 45th wedding anniversary, and are often given as gifts for this milestone.The profound meaning and exquisite beauty of sapphires continue to make them one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.

✦ Colors:

In addition to light blue and vivid blue tones, sapphires have a very wide palette of colors, they can be transparent, white, yellow, orange, pink, green, black and many more different colors. The rarest color of sapphires is called Padparadscha, which Is the translation from the Sinhala language of the Lotus color. Padparadscha sapphires are extremely rare and are considered to be very precious stones.


✦ Place of origin:

Jammu and Kashmir, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, USA, India, China, Russia, Australia.

✦ Pricing:

Important facts that affect the pricing are the place of origin, transparency of the stone, and natural color of sapphires that are not refined and not heat-treated. These sapphires are much more appreciated. The most expensive sapphires are mined in Jammu and Kashmir, Myanmar (Burma), in the colors of Vivid blue, Royal blue, Cornflower blue, and of course Sri Lanka Padparadscha Lotus color.


 ✦ Recommended gemological laboratories: