Moire upholds the highest standards in materials, design, and craftsmanship. With proper care, you can preserve the beauty of your Moire jewelry for years to come.

If your Moire product experiences a manufacturing-related failure within one year from the original purchase date due to normal wear and tear, we will repair it free of charge, using materials of similar quality.

For damage occurring after the initial year, we offer repair services using quality materials for an additional fee. Please allow 15-20 business days for repairs to be completed. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays. Repair processing begins upon receipt of your package. Please note, the warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse (impacts, dents), or repairs not carried out by Moire.

Rest assured, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the purchase. We're here to ensure your Moire jewelry remains as stunning as the day you acquired it. 

For any questions regarding repairs, returns or exchanges, please don't hesitate contact customer service at

✦ How to properly care for jewelry

Remove Jewelry When Performing Certain Activities:

    • Take off rings when washing your hands, applying cosmetics, cleaning the house, or using lotions. This helps prevent buildup and keeps your jewelry clean.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry While Swimming:

    • Chlorine and salt water can damage jewelry, so it's best to remove it before swimming or entering hot tubs.

✦ How to clean your jewelry at home

Toothpaste is a highly effective jewelry cleaner and is a great option for cleaning jewelry at home. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, apply a small amount of toothpaste to the tip of the wet brush, and gently brush the jewelry in a circular motion on each side to remove dirt and residue. Rinse with warm clean water and dry (it is also better to use a hairdryer).

How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

Use Toothpaste as a Jewelry Cleaner:

  • Toothpaste is a highly effective cleaner for jewelry and is suitable for use at home.

Materials Needed:

  • Soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Toothpaste (non-gel formula)
  • Warm clean water
  • Soft cloth for drying

Cleaning Process:

  • Dampen the soft-bristled toothbrush with water.
  • Apply a small amount of non-gel toothpaste to the tip of the brush.
  • Gently brush the jewelry in a circular motion on each side to remove dirt and residue. Pay attention to intricate areas and crevices.
  • Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with warm clean water to remove any remaining toothpaste.
  • Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots and ensure a sparkling finish.
  • For faster drying, you can also use a hairdryer on a low, cool setting.

Additional Care Tips:

Use Gentle Cleaning Solutions for Delicate Jewelry:

  • For delicate or precious jewelry, opt for gentle cleaning solutions specifically formulated for these pieces. These specialized solutions ensure safe and effective cleaning without causing damage to your treasured items.

Regular Inspection for Damage Prevention:

  • Periodically examine your jewelry for loose stones or any signs of damage. Addressing any issues promptly helps prevent further damage and maintains the quality of your jewelry collection.

By adhering to these straightforward care and cleaning guidelines, you can ensure that your jewelry remains radiant and retains its durability for years to come.