✦ Exclusive Rubies

One of the most exclusive stones in the world is the Ruby red gem.

By the Mohs hardness scale, Ruby has a rating of 9 on Mohs hardness scale making it second to diamonds along.

Rubies are a type of corundum, the colors of this gorgeous gemstone range from light red, violet red to dark red.

Back in the Bronze Age, many royal crowns were decorated with rubies.

The gem has been considered one of the noblest stones in nature since there are much less unique and pure rubies in the world than diamonds.

Rubies can be cut to just about any shape you desire and worn on any part of the body.

✦ Occurrence and mining

One of the most expensive rubies was mined near Mogok, in the center of Myanmar (Burma). Precious rubies can be found almost everywhere except Antarctica. The most high-quality and expensive rubies are considered to be found from Burma, Mozambique, Thailand, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar.

✦ Factors affecting value

Most Rubies are valued for their natural rich red color and their transparency,  they got the term “pigeon blood”  because of their quality, rubies are not ennobled by different technologies to improve color and purity by world's leading gemological laboratories that are indisputable in the examination of colored stones, GÜBELIN, GRS, SSEF.